Redrawn PC Erotic Game Looks Like This

Remember this? Sure, you do! This image must have been burned into your brain. Erotic game Sengoku Hime is infamous for its crummy game art.

That art has been re-drawn for the PS2/PSP ports. Compare the new art (below) with the original PC art (above). Have a preference?

Sengoku Hime is out this September on the PSP and the PS2 in Japan. The world will never be the same.

PS2/PSP『戦極姫』、PC版から新規に描き直されたキャラクターの絵柄を比較検証 [はちま起稿]


    the girl on the right looks way better in the new art but i sort of prefer the girl on the left in the original pic ^_^

    You'd think they'd try and balance it out, instead of removing the chest of the smaller one and giving it to the already generous one...

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