Release Date Finally Catches Up With Forza 3

Microsoft sent word today that Forza 3 will not be delayed into 2010. Sad we have to explicitly state that, but these days, you can never be too sure.

Instead, the exact release date for the game in North America is October 27. No idea yet for Europe, but for Aussies and Kiwis, good news! It'll be out a little earlier, on October 23.

Along with the announcement, Microsoft sent along a pic of the finished box art for the game's special edition, which we told you about last month.


    Content install disc? So a HDD will be mandatory? (Which I think it should've been from the beginning and it was absurd it never was, but...)

    Mandatory install only exists for MMO games I believe. The content disc could just be extra cars/tracks the CE gets.

    The keyring looks like a fist with one finger pointing... not sure I would adorn my car key with something that doesn't instantly scream "Blockbuster Car 'Sim'". It's kind of sad that Forza doesn't have a logo like Gran Turismo that they can stamp on their products

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