Remember This?

Can you guess this old game from just one screenshot?

I'll update this post with the answer at 5pm today if no one has guessed before then.

Good luck.

UPDATE: Yes, it's Magic Pockets, from Brit coders the Bitmap Bros. Although best known for Speedball, the Bitmaps also produced a few platformers, including this and the equally metallic blue Gods. Why did all their games look kinda the same?


    Magic Pockets!

    Or something like that.

    Played this forever lol. There was always something
    cool about throwing stone whirlwinds to foes.
    You could chuck other stuff too I think.

    Magic Pockets

    It's "Magic Pockets" by the Bitmap Brothers - now I feel really old, thanks :)

      Now who remembers who did the music?... (I Do)

        ummm... Rob Hubbard? It's the only music type person I can think of from back then..

        Betty Boo! Betty Boo just doin' the do! I've still got the MOD file for that track, and Gods' "Into the Wonderful". Ahhh... They just don't write game music like that any more... (not that Betty Boo was game music, exactly...)

      Right, I'm gonna make these much harder from now on!

    Bizarrely I knew it was a bitmap brothers game straight away but could not think of the ruddy title.

    MAGIC POCKETS by the Bitmap Brothers.

    Still have it on my Amiga, and still gets a play now and then. =)

    Magic Pockets was fun, but I spent more time playing Gods...

      GODS!! Thanks for making me remember that one.
      That game was awesome back in the day.

    Magic Pockets just to make sure u got it the first time

    "Betty Boo. Betty Boo just doin' the do" was the song playing in Magic Pockets' title screen.

    Ah, memories, like the corners of my mind...

    i loved Gods from bitmap brothers. gotta try and find it to play again

    Wow, those were the days! Hah, I knew it also. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    Ahhh, I loved Magic Pockets and Gods...camon XBLA do your thang. WHile your at it bring over BLOOD MONEY from the Amiga, loved that game

    Magic most vivid Amiga gaming memory. My cousins had heaps of them, maybe 4 (we had a c64 and a 286 :P), and I remember playing over at their place one Christmas.

    So, why the random post? I someone re-making it? Please :)

    My fav bitmat brothers game was Xenon 2..

    Btw.. I clicked on this thread because I recognised the game as Magic Pockets.. didnt realis the game was to recognise it lol..

    Retraction... How could I forget about Speedball 2

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