Resident Evil Shirt Feasts On The Flesh Of The Living

The rule is this: convention t-shirts are awful, cheap things you see stuffed in swag bags then only again seen on large men at LAN parties. The exception to that rule is this Capcom shirt for Comic-Con.

To be given away free to advertise Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, it appears at first glance to be part of "the rule"; a rubbish black t-shirt doing nothing but blandly advertising a video game. But there's a trick.

Boo! Nice touch, Capcom.


    0|\/|G!!11! |-|0\/\/ 5\/\/337 1z |)47!!?/11oneone!!

    Looks awesome, but too bad for girls that want it XD

      What do you mean 'too bad'? If they want it, I'm sure there wouldn't be too many guys complaining about it, therefore, it would be a good thing.

    Do. Want.

    Oh that is TRULY fantastic. Bravo Capcom!

    good if you have an ugly girlfriend?

      hahaha yeah if your girlfriend is uglier than a zombie

    kudos to capcom!
    those nipples gave me a fright.

    That is hectic

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