Retailer: Profits For PSN Cards Are Zero

That's according to a Japanese retailer. In an interview with Japanese mag Game Lab, the manager of Tokyo retail shop Games Maya dishes about how downloadable content is faring in brick-and-mortar stores.

For pre-paid PlayStation Network Cards, the manager says, "We don't see a single profit." The reason? The PSN uses an actual monetary unit, so according to this retailer, "That card becomes a voucher." Thus, the store sells the PSN Cards at the marked retail price point.

Conversely, since both Microsoft and Nintendo do not use monetary values, these pre-paid cards do not count as vouchers. Thus, the story is able to buy and sell them at different price points.

Since we don't work in retail, we can't confirm any of this — any further from readers working at game shops would be, as always, appreciated.

「PSNカードは利益ゼロ」、「PSスポットは小売の回線を間借り」、浮き彫りになる小売とSCEの関係 [はちま起稿]


    Makes sense to me, you can't sell a 5,000 yen card for 5,500 yen, but you can sell a card that says 1500 ms/n points for whatever you want.

      So when I buy $30 phone credit for $30 no one makes any money.
      My sad friend, you'll figure it out soon enough.

    kinda sucks for people living in Oz without a credit card, these things are not available here, most likely for this reason, i.e. retailers can't profit so why bother. is this not just like phone credit, top up a phone with $30 and you get $30 credit on the phone, everywhere seems to sell those, from petrol stations to super markets, it's really kinda annoying.

    I heard PSN doesn't accept debit mastercards. And now retailers have no incentive to stock this item.

    Isn't Sony closing their own market??

    Might I suggest you guys check out your local post office, since they're usually selling pre-paid Visa cards these days. Sure you'll have to shell out a little more (I think I got a $100 one for $106), and the top ups on the PSN can be a little dodgy (seriously, would it hurt them to let us choose how much in a specific dollar value to spend, without forcing us to choose stupid values?), but if you want to buy stuff on the PSN, it's not a bad way to go.

    As for the PSN not accepting the Debit Mastercard, maybe that's why 'More People Go With Visa' (that's Visa's motto, by the way, just in case you didn't get it).

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