Retro/Grade, The Shooter You Play In Reverse, With A Guitar Controller

Independent Games Festival finalist Retro/Grade is coming to the PlayStation 3, as a downloadable PlayStation Network title. It may be the best looking side-scrolling shoot 'em up played in reverse that we've ever seen.

Yes, Retro/Grade is a little unconventional, as IGF nominees tend to be. As the PSN announcement clip above shows, Retro/Grade is not your run of the mill bullet hell dodge-fest, but more of a rhythm game, requiring the kind of finely tuned reflexes that shmup fans have developed over the decades. Oh, and it can also be played with the guitar controller of your choosing, a rare opportunity to pilot a space vessel while strumming.

Matt Gilgenbach, co-founder of Retro/Grade developer 24 Caret Games explains how this is all going to work at the official, something you might want to look into if you're into shooting things, rhythm games or exhibiting excellent taste in interesting things.

Don't expect this one until 2010, like everything else these days. But if you must play it now, a PC demo of the game is available at the game's official site.

Retro/Grade Coming to PS3! []


    there is actually very little gameplay here: just follow the blue dots. It is very prettied up, but it looks like a very basic mechanic.

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