Rhythm Heaven Producer: Hey Americans, You Have Rhythm!

By day, music producer Tsunku writes Morning Musume songs. By night, he sleeps. Sometime in between he creates Rhythm Heaven games.

At a panel in Los Angeles, Tsunku talked about his music career and rhythm. "Rhythm is something that hasn't really been valued in Japanese culture or in Japanese music," he said. "I really wanted to educate musically oriented people as well as the Japanese public on that."

While Japan isn't as clued into rhythm Tsunku pointed out, he did say that Americans know how to get down. And boogie. "I respect the American public as people who are very oriented towards music, but they do that thing with their whole body."

Tsunku then proceeded to do an "awkward dance", reports game blog Destructoid.

Painting with broad brush strokes here — there are obviously Japanese people who have fantastic rhythm and there are obviously American people like me who don't. However, there are few who have marvelous ascots like Tsunku.

Destructoid - Rhythm Heaven producer Tsunku says that America has rhythm [Dtoid]


    Holy crap its asian Michael Jackson.

    No offense meant but seriously, can you see the uncanny resemblance?

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