Risen Trailer Flaunts Symphonic Gothic Metal

This new trailer for Piranha Bytes' RPG Risen features music by Nightwish, "the most successful symphonic/gothic metal band world-wide." I'm not sure what that means.

I'm sure there's a large symphonic/gothic metal band scene that I am completely unaware of. In fact, the comments section could potentially fill up with arguments on which of those bands is the most successful, but as far as Deep Silver is concerned, Nightwish here is the end all and be all. Listening to it a few times, my definition of symphonic/gothic metal has transformed from 'huh?' to 'music most likely to be included in future Twilight movies to try and make them appeal more to the poor boyfriends who get dragged along to the theatre. This is sure to make me a pariah among the symphonic/gothic metal purists out there.


    Nightwish are terrible. All popular Symphonic metal bands are terrible.

    Dimmu Borgir

    Only their earlier works are respectable (for both bands).

    Lame, pointless post. Why bother when you clearly have no idea?

    nice music. Pitty the game looks crap.

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