Sega Debuting Iron Man II Game, More At Comic-Con

The video game presence at this year's San Diego Comic-Con is quickly expanding, as Sega has revealed what it's bringing to the pop culture convention. That list includes Iron Man 2, which the publisher will debut at the show.

We will, of course, be making our way over to Sega's booth to check out the Iron Man sequel, but that's not all Sega has to offer. The PlatinumGames developed Bayonetta will also be showcased prominently, with a Sega sponsored shindig—invite only, though, sorry!—and a panel featuring creator Hideki Kamiya.

Also attending will be Bleach: The 3rd Phantom, SEGA & Sonic All Stars Racing, Planet 51 and, at the Funimation Booth, role-playing game Sands of Destruction.


    i really think this could be good IP if it wasn't show to be such shit last time around.

    Hey Sega? Take a look at H.A.W.X.. There's your Iron Man 2 engine.

    You're welcome.

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