SEGA Third-Person Shooter Becoming Live-Action Movie

PlayStation 2 third-person shooter Gungrave is coming to the big screen. Convergence Entertainment has inked a deal for the live-action rights to the title.

Gungrave was developed by Red Entertainment for SEGA. It was released on the PS2 back in 2002 and was previously adapted into an TV animated series that ran from 2003 to 2004.

Convergence, which is based in Beverly Hills and Asia, is proposing a budget between US $US30 million and $US35 million. This is the same production company behind the upcoming King of Fighters flick.

Convergence Signs Live-Action Film Rights to Gungrave [ANN Thanks, Martin!]


    I just can't see how they are going to turn this into a movie. This will turn out worse than Dragonball.

    This is... Well, it'd be pretty hard to screw up. I mean, if you look at the anime, it made a great story from the bare, bare bones of the game.
    Don't know anything about the company, but I just might be looking forward to this.

    The anime was pretty slow and boring.

    I guess a movie would cut out the pro-longed change from hobo kid to undead monster after revenge though.

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