Sesame Street Says Video Games Are OK

We're not normally in need of celebrity endorsement of our entertainment medium of choice. But when it's Big Bird, Grover and Oscar the Grouch singing gaming's praises, we'll take it.

Game Changer, a report issued by the Joan Ganz Clooney centre from the Sesame Workshop, basically says that governments, the healthcare industry and schools should be spending less time hating on video games and their negative effects, and instead be conducting research into their positive effects on kids.

The report says that games can not only be educational, but in this day and age, active as well, meaning they can be used everywhere from a history classroom to a PE class.

Of course, the entire point of the Joan Ganz Clooney centre is to "foster innovation in children's learning through digital media", so it's to be expected they're pro-gaming. Still. Agenda or no agenda, we're 100% behind anything scientific that can even remotely be associated with a green man that lives in a giant trash can.

Grover, Elmo give video games the thumbs up [The Cut Scene]


    Not sure if its any consterlation, but i know so many tiems in history thanks to my beloved history games.
    My Vocab has tripled and my quick thinking is through the roof.


    This might be a bit late, but there's a massive typo in this story. The name of the center (or centre, if you prefer) issuing this report is the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, not the Clooney Center. Check it out at

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