Shadow Of Memories Getting PSPorted

Konami's 2001 PlayStation 2 game Shadow of Memories—we call it Shadow of Destiny 'round these parts—will find new life on the PSP later this year.

The time-traveling adventure game will be scaled down to UMD format and ship to Japanese retailers on October 1, the same day the new PSPgo ships to North America and Europe... but not Japan. The Japanese get it a month later. Sorry, I guess there's no real connection there.

But for anyone who missed out on the original release, or its Windows and Xbox ports, you'll soon be able to relive the time-hopping murder mystery all over again. Perhaps Eike will be given a side mission in which he travels back in time to prevent himself from getting that terrible hair cut.

Shadow of Memories PSP [Konami via Siliconera]


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