Sierra Adventure Games Now Available On Steam

Adding Lucasarts adventure games to Steam was a great idea, but adding classic Sierra adventure games to Steam? That's an awesome idea.

As of right now, you can buy the King's Quest Collection (which includes King's Quest I-V) and the Space Quest Collection (which includes Space Quest I-VI), both of them optimised to run on your fancy new operating system, both of them priced at $US20. Well, $US15 until July 30.

Which is good news! Know what would be better news, Valve/Activision? Quest for Glory II. Get on it.

Kotaku AU Note: These aren't available in Australia. I've pinged Activision to find out why.


    I got so excited when I saw they were available.......then I saw the "not in australia" bit. Dammit.

      I got incredibly excited then read your comment as the page loaded.

      Way to raise me to the highest heights then bring me crashing back down again.

      I have run out of :('s

    Kotaku AU Note: These aren’t available in Australia. I’ve pinged Activision to find out why.

    At $15 USD, I was gonna purchase these tonight! =(
    Even with such a great platform as Steam... Australia still comes in last.

    Keep in mind how much Activision loves Australian viewers when it comes to Steam. Call of Duty 4 for $us88.50 anyone?

    eh, not that excited about it. i'd rather they did a nice remake like lucasarts did with monkey island. i'd happily wait and pay more money for that.

    Very uncool! was planning on kicking back with a beer tonight and working my way through Kings Quest IV but noooo!

    Quest for Glory II is by far my favourite gaming memory. Damn it was good!

    Cheers for chasing up with Activision why it isn't available here. I'm very eager to hear what they have to say for themselves. I was so excited when I first saw this news and then the old region restriction was quite a kick to the guts!

    I want to say that I'm done with Activision, and short of Modern Warfare 2 - I'm fairly certain I am. Let's just see what ridiculous pricing structure they cook up this time.

    Maybe they're just waiting for Police Quest before they bring it out here. Yeah, I'm sure that's it...

    I was getting all ready to log into steam and then... well, sad face.

    Perhaps they discovered a Harvey Normans out in Bourke who still had some copies of the original games on 5.25" disks and didn't want to take away sales from them ?

    Activision just crapped on my heart.

    Steam really needs to hire someone to focus on getting publishers to specifically pester publishers to ensure games are available in Australia/NZ. If they made it someone's focus I'm sure we would get allot more of these awesome games and packs that aren't currently available.

    Any further news on this? Also, is it possible to ask Activision what other platforms they may be considering (Wii, XBox Live, PSN etc)? Thanks

    Shame about them not being released in Australia. I'd buy them! Anybody want to start up a web petition?

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