Sketchy Details On The "Epic Mickey" Game

Normally, we wouldn't pick at the edges of such a translucent title, but this one's super-interesting, so we're picking: CVG say they have some details on Warren Spector's Disney game.

According to their sources, the game is indeed a Wii exclusive, and you will "paint your way through levels using the Wii Remote", doing things like drawing and erasing "whole parts of levels".

It'll be based around a story where Disney's lesser, forgotten characters rise up against Mickey, which would explain the emphasis on hot military action seen in the game's concept art.

Bear in mind we've yet to receive any kind of word on this game from Disney, so you may want to take it with a pinch of salt. Well, this info, at any rate; we're pretty sure the art is for real. Epic Mickey details arise [CVG]


    Didn't someone already release a game with the painting concept? One with really pretty graphics and a really nice drawing system? Wasn't that game a huge commercial flop?

    That said, given the failure of 'core' gamer titles such as MadWorld a game like this might just be the bridging title to bring in a new generation of gamers, after all why does everything for 'core' gamers need to be gory?

    FYI - i loved Okami on my Wii

      Yeah, but this one has mickey attached to it. Familiarity is everything in games, which is why people only seem to buy sequels these days.

    looking foward to view this particular attraction!

    10 bucks says this concept art is 100 times more awesome than what the game turns out to be... visvim

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