Snapshot: Halfbrick’s Ellen Blaha

Snapshot: Halfbrick’s Ellen Blaha

ellen_photoSnapshot is all about giving you a glimpse into the lives of the people who make the games you play. Think of it as Cribs, but with fewer obnoxious celebs and more development geeks.

Every Snapshot will see us ask five questions of a game developer, hopefully providing you with a little insight into what they do and why they do it. Also, we show you their desk.

For our second Snapshot, we travel to Brisbane and meet the “only female in the office” of Raskulls developer, Halfbrick.

Who Are You? My name is Ellen Blaha (commonly known as ‘L’, or ‘Ice Queen’). I work at Halfbrick as a games artist and spend most of my time concepting and creating art assets for our XBLA title, Raskulls. I also play the role of “Only female in the office”.

What Work Did You Do Today? Since this morning, I have been modifying some character concept art for new Raskulls characters. Because I’m a part of a small team, concepting always takes a fairly long time since everyone wants to give their opinion and see it implemented into the design. Hopefully I’ll have it complete soon.

How’d You Get Your Job? While I was a student at QANTM I sent a portfolio to Halfbrick in the hope of getting an internship. Luckily I was picked for an interview and was given a test to create/texture/animate a model. After I completed my internship I was offered a job!

What’s The Last Game You Played And How Was It? After helping a friend pack for his big move, I was entitled to temporarily take over his computer to try out Prototype. In it, I was happily running about, flinging myself across the environment, until I was ganked by a horde of hunters over and over and over again. Sadly, not knowing the controls I had to be rescued by my friend. T’was still good fun though!

What’s On Your Desk? Not enough stuff! My desk mainly consists of a collection of figurines and plushies and an ever-growing pile of Magic: The Gathering cards. There’s also a lucky cat that my brother gave me as a gift from Japan and a 300 coffee mug with Leonidas baring his spray-on abs all over it.


If you’re a game developer who’d like to be featured in Snapshot, we’d love to hear from you. Just answer the above questions and send us a photo of yourself and your desk to the usual address.


  • Hey Scared! Woo QANTM, Melbourne campus FTW hehe 😉

    It’s good to see that Australian gaming industry is a viable option as a career choice, articles like this re-affirm the fact.
    I’m personally quite looking forward to getting back into the real world and down an exiting career path at the end of the year as Ella already has with Halfbrick.
    Best of luck and success in the future to you Ella and Halfbrick, it will be great to see how Raskulls develops.

  • Oh wow, I (sorta) know this chick. I work at an EB that she frequents fairly often, I’ll have to say hi next time I see her.

  • David,

    Any chance on a report about the salaries of Australian games developers? Similar to the kind fo articles that Gamasutra has for the US industry.

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