Snapshot: Sega Studios’ Dan Toose

Snapshot: Sega Studios’ Dan Toose

dt_reducedSnapshot is all about giving you a glimpse into the lives of the people who make the games you play. Think of it as Cribs, but with fewer obnoxious celebs and more development geeks.

Every Snapshot will see us ask five questions of a game developer, hopefully providing you with a little insight into what they do and why they do it. Also, we show you their desk.

For our second Snapshot, we stay in Brisbane and drop in the Sega studio formerly known as the Creative Assembly to meet Dan Toose, former Hyper magazine editor and now game designer.

Who Are You?
Dan Toose, Designer, Sega Studios – Australia (Brisbane)

What Work Did You Do Today?
I was exploring the possible opportunities and limitations for the Microsoft Natal and Sony Motion Control systems, and looking at what that might mean for a future project.

How’d You Get Your Job?
I was headhunted from the world of games journalism. Forget looking at me as an example of how to get into the business – I was hassled into applying for a gig at Hyper when I was primarily concerned with hedonism and reversed sleeping patterns. I suspect that was the current’s deal at the time as well… and here I am now.

What’s On Your Desk?
My PC, two monitors, a 360 controller, a smattering of loose paper, coffee mug, glass of water and my iPhone and some novels by Peter F Hamilton and Alistair Reynolds I keep forgetting to take home.

What’s The Last Game You Played And How Was It?
Aside from a prototype I can’t talk about, it would have been Team Fortress 2. I quit smoking last week… that’s easier than quitting TF2 as far as I’m concerned.

If you’re a game developer who’d like to be featured in Snapshot, we’d love to hear from you. Just answer the above questions and send us a photo of yourself and your desk to the usual address.


  • Heh… always wondered what happened to Dan Toose. Damn fine writer, that one. Did anyone else from Hyper jump the fence?

  • Heheh – No, I don’t play spy 🙂 Too much waiting around and hiding, not enough manly chestbeating and taking one on the chin… Or something like that. I play Soldier 90% of the time.

    I don’t think any of the other Hyper guys have gone to dev, though a few Next folks did work for the games publishers.

  • Interesting. As a writer, I’ve often found the industry plagued by those willing to sell their proverbial souls to the greater industry (let’s say Cam, though he’s doing a great job @ IGN AU) or simply lapse into their preferred industry… glad you found your niche, Dan. You were an awesome Editor. Probably you and Elliot Fish were my favorites 🙂 Good luck in your future endeavors!

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