So, How Many IPhone Games Are There?

The iPhone (and iPod Touch) are selling like hot scones! And they play games! Problem being, unlike the PSP and DS, there's very little in the way of quality control on Apple's platform. So we get a lot of games.

You could even say we get too many games, because it's been revealed that there are now over 13,000 games on the App Store. 13,000?!?! It's like a gold rush, only there's more money to be had, and people have better teeth.

For reference, in March, there were only 6000 games. What, is somebody feeding these things after midnight?

Over 13,000 iPhone games on App Store []


    Personally I use the GAF game recommendations list :)

    ive tried a couple of games but im not overly impressed. some look ok but i just cant play without some sort of controller. hopefully some sort of peripheral will get released for it.

    As an iphone developer, this depresses me. I am very worried that my game will fall into the sea of crap out there. I tried a ton of games but they were all crap. The only good ones I can find are ones we all know are good already. I cant find many more, and I cant believe that there aren't any more on there. If I, someone who wants to find these games with a passion, cant find them, how is someone casually looking supposed to?

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