SOCOM 4 Is Apparently “In Development” For PS3

SOCOM 4 Is Apparently “In Development” For PS3

A listing for “SOCOM 4” for the PlayStation 3 at production studio PCB Productions might be a good indicator that somewhere, in some capacity, someone is working on another SOCOM game. Wouldn’t that be surprising?

After the listing was dug up by PS3 centre, the digital audio recording facility pulled the listing—but not before Google cached it—along with one for Syphon Filter 5.

Yes, the same one we posted about in February, which must have lead someone to believe that Syphon Filter 5 was also in development at Sony Bend. Potentially another massive megaton that another entry in a very successful series of shooters would get another iteration.

PlayStation marketing honcho Peter Dille indicated to us way back in 2007 that the multiplayer-focused SOCOM Confrontation wasn’t the only entry in the series we’d see on the PlayStation 3. If SOCOM 4 is it, we’d expect a return to some of the single-player story driven campaigns seen in previous entries.

Of course, PCB Productions may have gotten the naming of these sequels off. That “in development” status could be old (see the “in development” notation for Frame City Killers).

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