Some Guys Get "Portal" Running On The IPhone

Now, we don't even know if this is real. And if it is, whether it's Portal, or just a pared-down imitation of it.

But it certainly looks like other iPhone ports - less stuff and clunky controls - so if it is fake, at least they got that part right.

The Cake May Be a Lie, But This Video Exists [touch Arcade]


    It's in Unity. You can see the logo at the start of the loading

    The vid on youtube says they got it going in 3 weeks in Unity3D. It's possible (I currently work with the engine), but highly unlikely to get released, lots of copyright material there.

    i'm willing to bet this is fake, unless the 3g S actuall *is* that much faster?

    IF it's real, it's a major achievement to pull off without access to the Portal/Source source code. The additions to the Source engine used in Portal are VERY tricky, and only work in certain environments and with certain types of objects. It seems VERY unlikely that someone has been able to replicate this accurately in the Unity engine.

    If they have, great! But then they should really be making their own stuff with their wonder-tech.

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