Some Halo: ODST Multiplayer Gameplay Footage

Bungie's Halo: ODST is playable on the showroom floor of Comic-Con, and these two guys, they're playing it. The least you can do is watch.


    Totally excited about this!!!

    QUESTION: How many grenades of each type is it possible to carry. Halo 1 & 2 only had the plasma & frag (i think thats all #2 had) and you carry 4 of each. Since the 3 had 2 extra grenades types, they lowered it to 2 each.

    I hope this is 4 grenades of at least one type, frag or plasma.

    ALSO: Is this firefight mode available on JUST ODST maps or also maps from Halo 3. Or are these just maps designed for this mode and you cant play these on normal multiplayer, 4v4 type thing.

    Few things i'm glad to see, invisible convenant. Spices things up a lot. Drop ships and the wraith, great idea of how the enemy arrives and not just randomly spawn somewhere like in Gears & CoD.

    However, one thing i have trouble with. Halo is known for its great AI. Enemy AI is great in Halo, it makes the game. Especially when i remember playing the level HALO on Halo 1 on Legendary, that was bitch! The AI is smart, yet convenant like Grunts & Jackals only shoot for example, 3 bullets stop, shoot some more. Run around, shoot some more. If you just dodge, they dont keep shooting towards where you're dodging, i noticed this in the second vid where the guy is shooting the Hunter and the jackal sneaks up.

    Gears, the enemy keeps shooting at you. Making it difficult. I assume the Elites aren't enemy in this considering they become an ally in Halo 2. But the Elites were a standout AI in the Halo games, and having them as an enemy would be perfect rather than Brutes IMO. I just hope the AI is good at trying to kill you, something the Grunts n Jackals have trouble doing. I hope this a challenge, again, something Halo does offer on harder settings.

    Either way, can't wait!

      First question: pretty sure it's the same as Halo 3. 2 of eahc, but 4 types of grenades. Firefight mode maps are inspired by sections of the ODST campaign, so no, you won't find these on multiplayer matches, and likewise, ou won't be able to go firefight on say sandtrap (although it would be awesome if they allowed the use of forge plus this mode). Another thing, there won't be a matchmaking system for firefight, so be prepared to have a full friends list if you plan on playing regularly and often.

      Some things that annoy me. This is set right after chief leaves earth, ollowing the prophet. By that time, the elites were still following the prophets and the covenant. The brutes didn't take over and the schism didn't happen until way later. Elites should have come back as enemies. Another thing is how ODST's can't use equipment or dual wield "cause they are just normal humans" yet for some reason, they can rip turrets off their stands and use gravity hammers. I remember reading somewhere that not even master chief could lift a Tartarus' hammer and could only use normal grav hammers cause of his mjolnir armour and augmentations. If they wanted to make ODST seem less like a spartan and more like an odst, they should have either switched the usage of equipment and dual wielding for the turrets and hammers or just cut out the use of all 4 things completely.

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