Some 360 Pricing Details is coming to the Xbox 360, sticking another multimedia feather in the little beige box's hat. But we're left with two burning questions: how much will it cost, and can we stream the music in our games?

The most important of those questions is the streaming one, and sadly, we don't have an answer on that yet. What we do have an answer for is some of the pricing structures Microsoft and will be implementing.

Silver users, you'll have access to a 3-month trial, which is lumped with video advertising. Gold users, you'll get unlimited access, but again, this will be ad-supported. To get with no ads, you'll need to subscribe, which will also get you a few extra features.

There's no word on how much a 360-related subscription would cost you, but for reference, a regular sub will set you back $US3 a month. on XBL: free to gold subscribers, 3 hours per month for others [Joystiq]


    pfft.. the more things I see MS doing like this the more I realise that Sony are on a winner. I havent used my xbox for months now because the ps3 is turning out to be the better of the two.

      i totally agree. i turn the box on now and then to see if anything new is in the marketplace or if they have demo's that ps3 doesnt have but other than that i never bother. i have tried so hard to like my 360 but i just cant. my ps3 always wins. dont get me wrong, sony really know how to piss me off too but i love my ps3. the main things sony have screwed up are, they came out after 360 and make it hard + expensive to develop for. thats why some multi platform games look better on the 360. they were developed for it! then ported over. look at any ps3 exclusive title. they smash anything on the 360. when i first started playing mgs4 i couldnt believe what i was seeing! it was just amazing!

    You have to be kidding.

    Loved till it became a pay thing on computer. Kinda sucks now, but having it on a console is nice i guess.

    Umm at least it is accessible for free. Stop whinging about that.

    It's either, a console becoming too 'casual' or a console not having enough entertainment value for its price.

    I am now convinced that the Wii is the best console on the market. The Xbox is kiddie and has sill programs.

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