Someone At Fox News Loves Zelda

This may look like a boring, run-of-the-mill current affairs story from Fox's Detroit outpost. But sit tight and wait it out until you hit the 55-second mark. Zelda fans will hear something that'll bring a smile to their faces.

Employment Agency Has Job Seekers Sad [Fox, via Go Nintendo]


    "Sorry, the page you requested was not found."

      I've embedded the video instead.

    hahahahaha! it was beautiful. :)

    Paused at 55 seconds and I don't see it.

      Keep watching. It's music, not an image.

    you don't see it because it was music from zelda

    Yesterday, a media presentation in the class next to mine had midna's theme from LoZ:TP. Seems the media teacher liked it.

    The real crime was the moustache.

    The inspiration behind the music was obviously the name of the 'company'. Cockrell sounds similar to cockerel and if I'm not mistaken, the music is that of Kakariko village? Which is of course named after the noise the ubiquitous chickens make. Or is it the music from Lon Lon Ranch? Either way, nice reference.

      I'm positive it's neither the Kakariko theme nor Lon Lon Ranch, and I'm quite sure it's once of the general "indoors" themes for villages. But you're right, it's a nice (and completely unexpected) reference.

        It's the theme music from inside links house in Koriki Forest and the courtyard at the Castle.

        This was my alarm clock for about a year, hearing it out of that context is... strange.

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