Sony Love The XMB Just The Way It Is

While Microsoft have seen fit to completely overhaul their console's front end, Sony say that they'll be nothing of the sort with the PS3. At least, not anytime soon.

Chatting with PCWorld, Sony's Eric Lempel has said:

What we find is that people really like our current interface. We did redesign the PlayStation Store last April to make some improvements, make it faster, make it better, and we're always listening to consumers. But right now the XMB [XrossMediaBar]is an Emmy Award-winning interface and people like it. They're very comfortable with it. So we're not looking to do anything radical. We'll still do some research behind the scenes and see what can we do to make things better, or how can we make it so consumers find content faster, but right now we're pretty happy with it. No plans right now to do anything like what the competitor has done.

Well, really, why would Sony be trying anything radical? Microsoft had to change the 360's original user interface because it was confusing, something that wasn't entirely rectified with the NXE. But the XMB? It was easy as pie to use, from day 1, and remains that way to this day.

Sony's Eric Lempel On PS3 Updates, Firmware Rumors [PCWorld, via Edge]


    Yep, don't change the XMB ever. I love the sexy look and I still enjoy using it on both my PS3 and PSP. Much easier and more efficient to use than the NXE. And I have all three consoles :P

    The original Xbox dashboard confusing?!?!? Maybe if you're a fucking idiot.


      I don't care if they change XMB at all, but whoever came up with the "XrossMediaBar" label should be taken out and shot.

    Yeah i still believe it took a retard to find the old Dashboard confusing.

    The XMB is obviously MUCH easier to understand and use compared to the old Dashboard and the NXE. But in the actual Playstation Store & the Marketplace - i believe the Market place is easier to look for content. And faster too.

    Most Popular, Most Recent, A-Z. Simple. But the interface with the swiping across & then up & down is a little annoying. But it looks good.

    Bottom line is, who really cares what the menu looks like. You don't sit there for an hour at the menu. You probably take a look around for new content IF your connected online, and if you are actually looking to purchase, look for content. But then its off the play a game or watch a movie.

    I definately prefer the XMB over both flavours of the 360 Dash. I just so much cleaner and simple and much quicker (XMB marketplace load times ftl). I think MS should really consider a more minimalist approach is they re-do the dash again as opposed to the current policy of just jamming it so chock full of fluff.

    @Brady - Wow... needless rage much?

    Good move Sony, dont touch the XMB. Its easy and intuitive to use. I know where to find all the hardware and system settings without having to go through a few silly menus (looking at you NXE). On 360 I need to press HOME to bring up the blue box, then move across all the way to the right and then try and find the option I am after.. on the XMB you just go to the SYSTEM icon and scroll down to see all the settings available - much much much more easier (and none of that horrid kindergarten green look and my goofy looking avatar on the screen).

    Don't forget that Sony has also included the XMB on their TV range now.

    I was under the impression that MS changed their interface because they needed something more casual gamer friendly, not necessarily easier to use.

    Has anyone else noticed that Sony seem to spend 90% of their marketing effort defending their choices?

    When they're not rubbishing the Wii (i.e. the number 1 console) as a closet case, or telling people that a $700 PS3 is a great value proposition next to the 360, they're telling people to shut up about the damned price already. Or they're telling developers that the system is deliberately "hard" to develop for. (The mind boggles.) And after introducing an expensive system with an expensive media hardware (Blu-ray) they're telling people they can't possibly afford to reduce the price because that would be "bad business". (Yes, really. The people who make the non-selling console are telling us how good business works...)

    It's like they can only communicate with the world in one of two modes: defence or attack, and both of them extreme.

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