Sony Now One Step Closer To PSP Ad Hoc Party Support In U.S.

A recently filed trademark from Sony may be good news for PSP and PlayStation 3 owners in the West, as better wireless multiplayer support may be in our future.

Sony Computer Entertainment filed for the trademark "adhocParty" with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week, the name of the service already beta testing in Japan. adhocParty allows supported PSP games that feature ad hoc wireless gaming—meaning between PSPs—to use the PlayStation 3's built in wi-fi capabilities as a multiplayer server.

adhocParty has been in beta testing since it launched in Japan last November, supporting dozens of PSP games, but Sony Computer Entertainment America hasn't announced support for the service yet. When we spoke to Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi at E3, SCEA reps said a localised version was "in the works."

adhocParty [USPTO]


    I wish sony was cooler and had put wifi in from the beginning, is the PSPgo getting wifi? Why does the DS have it and not the PSP? srsly.

    Blah, the psp does have wifi has since day one I have used it to play medal of honor, resistance, and other games online. The problem is that some games like monster hunter support adhoc only but if you and rely on multi player to make the game. So it isnt that the psp can't do wifi they do but some companies prefer you to find friends instead of setting up servers. Hence adhoc over wifi. I dont really know just taking a stab at it but the psp has always had wifi that is how the adhoc works to I am sure it is just that some games play adhoc as opposed to multiplayer wifi over the internet.

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