Sony Trademarks Echoshift (Which Is Probably Echochrono)

Sony Trademarks Echoshift (Which Is Probably Echochrono)

Black and white perspective shifting puzzler echochrome is getting a semi-sequel in echochrono, as revealed at E3 2009. Perhaps that name was a bit too similar, as the PlayStation maker has filed a new, familiar sounding trademark.

Sony Computer Entertainment America recently filed a trademark for echoshift, which might be the new name for echochrono, not a brand new game. After all, Sony did issue the caveat that echochrono was a “working title.”

The puzzle game, which keeps things more 2D (and more 4D), looks to borrow from time manipulation games like Braid and Cursor*10—clearly good places to borrow from. It’s slated to hit the PlayStation Network and PSP in Fall or Winter of this year. We’d expect that Sony will have news on any potential name changes soon, but reps did not respond to requests for clarification.

Instead of clarification, here’s a trailer.


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