Square Enix Mystery Solved - The Four Warriors Of Light

Square Enix's mystery countdown title is a mystery no longer, as scans from the latest Weekly Shonen Jump reveal The Four Warriors of Light: A Final Fantasy Anecdote.

At least that's the way the game's name translates according to our own Brian Ashcraft, who pored over the scans to glean what information he could. The Four Warriors of Light, the name of which was uncovered in a trademark filing earlier this month, is a traditional turn-based roleplaying game for the Nintendo DS that tells the story of a boy trying to save a princess. The scans contain scant details other than when you change equipment, your character's appearance changes, which is a feature that many RPG fans salivate over. This supplemental Final Fantasy adventure is on its way to Japan this fall.

Now that we know what the countdown image will eventually look like, we can go back to doing more productive things in the middle of the night, like sleeping.


    I'm getting sick and tired of the Square Enix Character graphics on DS.... When they 1st did it on FF3, I thought not impressive, but can get by. Then they repeated it again in FF4, now this again... sigh

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