Square Enix Says Star Ocean PS3 Listing "An Error"

A listing for the PlayStation 3 version of Star Ocean: The Last Hope appeared on retailer Gamefly this week, an unannounced port of the Xbox 360 version. Square Enix reps now say that retailer listing was made in error.

Square Enix reps told Kotaku: "We cannot comment on a PS3 release at this time." However, they went on to say that the listing on Gamefly.com was "an error and had been taken down from their site."

Well, not completely taken down. While searching for the PlayStation 3 release of Star Ocean: The Last Hope doesn't return anything but the Xbox 360 version, Gamefly still has the title in its database. We'll chalk that up to either a technical limitation or a preference to not have to upload the listing again should an announcement of a PS3 port be coming soon.


    Of the two 360 exclusive Squenix titles, this was actually good. Of course they'd try for sales on the PS3.

    cannont comment a PS3 release at this time.

    Why mention that if you're not going to release it on the PS3. Of corse its going to be on PS3, that kinda proves it right there.

    They could just say, it was an error made on Gameflys behalf. There are currently no plans for a PS3 at this current time.

    yayayay confirmation of it... in weird and indirect way :D

    I don't know if I want this to be true or not.

    Gee, I wonder what extra content they'll get, too? As a reward for buying the original (collector's edition, no less!) and supporting SE on the 360, I get... boned in the ass as it gets ported to PS3 with a shit ton of extra content that I can't even get as DLC on the 360.

    GJ, developers.

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