Star Wars: The Old Republic Script More Than 40 Novels Long

In a blog post on the Star Wars: The Old Republic website, director of audio and localisation Shauna Perry talks about the challenge of recording voice overs for every character in a massively-multiplayer universe.

When they first announced that The Old Republic would be fully-voiced during E3 2009, those of us involved in the more massively-multiplayer side of gaming collectively gasped. The average MMO title has players interacting with hundreds of different characters over the course of the game. Providing real voices for each of those characters as well as the player characters themselves is a monumental task.

As I said, The Old Republic is the size of at least 10 KOTORs recorded back to back. Basically, it takes a very large team all focused on the same outcome - producing the most VO assets ever produced at the highest quality possible. There are dedicated internal teams at both LucasArts and BioWare, and externally, there are also multiple studio audio engineers and post production teams. On any given day, there can be over a dozen people working specifically on The Old Republic voice-over and that doesn't include any actors!

And there are hundreds of actors working on the project, with recording spanning four cities - Los Angeles , London, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto. The most staggering statistic? According to Perry, the script for the game contains enough material for more than 40 Star Wars novels. That's completely insane.

Check out the full blog post to get an idea of how much work poor Shauna is being put through in order to make Star Wars: The Old Republic the most talkative MMO ever created.

Developer Blog #10 [Star Wars: The Old Republic]


    I wet myself...
    No but seriously, this might sound like a lot, but when you consider that it is going up (not by genre, but gameplay) against WoW and other top ranked MMO's they really need to go be. For me Story is what a game is all about, everything else comes 2nd. And it's fantastic to hear this news. This is nearly the only game I am dying to play at the moment and I'll be there for Closed/Open Beta (if I can get in) as well as launch.
    Thanks Bioware and LucasArts.

      I meant "go BIG". Not go be. Sorry.

    The thing I worry about most with MMO's is a stable, clean mmo, with minimal loading screens. Not many can do it, which is why WoW still stands as king, I hope the mythic guys don't muck it up and make it as buggy and bad as WAR.

    This could just be the game to get me into MMO's, holding my breath for this, really hope it lives up to the hype

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