Streets Of Rage, Now On IPhone

Open up. Time for your weekly dose of "let's port a game to the iPhone for a quick buck", this time featuring Sega, and a re-release of Streets of Rage.

The game was released on Friday, and is going for $US5 on the App Store. As is standard policy with these things, I'm not touching it until somebody braver than I spends $US5 and can tell me the controls can't be convicted of hate crimes against a Genesis pad.


    From what i've heard, the game is disaster-level full of slowdowns. Sega is doing an incredibly shitty job with their megadrive ports & their emulator is not up to scratch (which is weird because TEN YEARS AGO in highschool I wasted class time playing megadrive games emulated on the shitty PCs, on emulators written by people with no inside knowledge that Sega engineers have)

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