Sunday Supplement: "a fierceness which would daunt a nursing lioness"

final-fantasy-xii-artWelcome to your Sunday reservoir of interesting writing about video games. Grab your reading jacket, a cup of coffee and get ready to exercise the brain.

Gamasutra: Ken Levine on Studio Culture: From Looking Glass to 2K Boston Christian Nutt chats with one of the industry's most passionate and creative thinkers.

Versus Clu Clu Land: So Close! Iroquois Pliskin offers this superb analysis of the failings of Mirror's Edge.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Some Stuff About Open World Games Jim Rossignol muses on the heightened demands players place on games that opt for the open world.

Critical Distance: Critical Compilation: Fallout 3 Comprehensive essay on what the blogosphere (including me!) discovered while exploring the wasteland.

Offworld: One More Go: Final Fantasy XII, Wasting your time the scientific way Margaret Robertson reflects on her persistent obsession with Square's flawed RPG.


    whoa, that fallout 3 link is an incredible compendium of blogs and opinions (Mr Wildgoose too!) - it's things like this that extend the depth of the game beyond what you see on the screen, whether writing about the fictional side or development side (which can strip away the immersion yet still peak my interest in the game). I'd like to think that Bethesda is beside themselves with how much has been written about the game, sales do equal profit but critique like this solidifies brilliance.
    I really need to get back into the game, but sometimes when desperately seeking a quick jolt of gaming, fallout 3 with its slow pace and the cerebral attention it demands, it doesn't get a play..

    That Offworld link...
    "...once in Japanese and once in American"

    I truly hope she is joking.

      I think Margaret (being English herself) is poking fun at the American voice actors.

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