Sunday Supplement: "We should have been doing other things"

Welcome to your Sunday reservoir of interesting writing about video games. Grab your reading jacket, a cup of coffee and get ready to exercise the brain.

Chewing Pixels: Lest We Forget Simon Parkin ponders what it means to make a realistic or authentic military game.

Suicide Girls: Brutal Legend And The Worlds Of Tim Schafer PixelVixen argues that our favourite Tim doesn't just design games, he builds entire worlds.

GameSetWatch: Plotting, Emergent Narratives, and 'Story Spaces' Tom Cross explores how games abdicate authorship to redefine what a narrative actually is. Part 2 is here.

The Escapist: Designing Religion Alan Au examines how Sid Meier's Civilization series has handled religious matters from game to game.

The Brainy Gamer: The Darkness Michael Abbott inspires me to revisit Starbreeze's disturbingly well-conceived shooter.


    how about my fav PJ's, 3 big browny's of Melbourne Bitter and a thanks to the lads for a GREAT Friday night frag fest....!

    Happy Sunday....'Jelqirt' (Triple J backwards.)107.50FM...

    That GameSetWatch article features the Blade Runner game a fair bit throughout. Good one, it was.

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