Switch DS Games Without Switching Carts

Here's a nice compromise between the legality of using only legitimate DS cartridges and the (albeit less legal) convenience of having multiple games on the one cart: a device that lets you switch between legitimate cartridges.

This is the Blaze 3-in-1 Game Selector, and while it looks a little clunky, it makes up in handiness what it lacks in attractiveness. Working like a switchbox, the device replicates the cartridge slot of your DS and clips to the back of your handheld, allowing you to insert three DS carts at once. A small lead then runs from the device to your DS's actual cart slot, and you change games by flipping a small switch on the top of the unit.

The 3-in-1 Game Selector runs for about $US13, and if you're stuck playing DS game in a spot where it's inconvenient to keep bending down and rummaging through your bag to change a game (standing on the subway?), that's not a bad price.

blaze 3-in-1 selector lets you switch nintendo ds lite games on the go [technabob]


    It's actually IS a very decent price. Does it affect battery life though?

    i wonder if you can multi-tap them, and use 5/7/9/etc carts at once? :P

    that actually looks like a great idea.
    this now makes me think of something else ive wanted for a while... multi disc consoles!! i mean seriously, how lazy is the average games? very? yes i think so. imagine having a 5 disc stack in ya PS3. even if they brought out an external component that lets you stick in 20 or so games and then choose 1 from the xmb?! how freakin awesome would that be?! a lot of my games dont even get touched cause they're at the bottom of the stack.
    c'mon sony, how bout it? next gen?

    They are selling R4 kits with 2GB SD cards for $30. at the Dandenong market. Granted, these come with 88 games pre-installed but you can always erase them and just load the games on that you actually have a physical copy of. So I couldn't justify spending the same amount for something so unwieldly and limited (in comparison to the R4- I like being able to play Mp3s and paint with the freeware/homebrew program colours.

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