Take A Tour Of The New Xbox 360 Dashboard

There's a range of changes coming to the 360's dashboard soon, changes people signed up to the preview program are enjoying right now. Not one of them? Enjoy the experience via proxy with this clip.


    320 MSP for a little remote control car that cant do anything... give me a break!!

    I can't decide which shits me more. The fact the M$ have decided to start charging points for Avatar clothes etc. or the fact that people will spend their money.

      I couldn't care less about what other people do with their money. You should try it, you'll probably live longer.

      Think of it this way: it's a tax on the stupid. Every time you see someone with a paid Avatar prop, you'll know that they're fully retarded and that you should avoid them like the plague.

      Paid avatars are practically a community service for those of us on the right-hand side of the IQ bell curve.

    I'd be willing to pay a 100points for avatar stuff simply because I'm cheap and would probably buy stuff once a year.. 320 is too much.

    We got the beta thing on our console the other day. its alright so far... no major changes but the party disconnection thing will be a plus.

    I think some of the avatar props you can unlock from games? Although not sure when that kicks in... Theres no ads (extra ones) that i've noticed so far so thats one plus?

    Avatar clothes are good for spending the 80MSP you have in your account that is useless on it's own for buying anything. This is where the clothes come in.

    So, wait, does this means we're getting a video service?

    I would never consider even spending 1 cent on avatar clothes & props

    This update is pretty pointless. I mean, i hate the new avatar system, and all they are doing here is just giving it a store. So what? Besides, i have better things to do than play dress ups with a virtual "me"... like playing games?

    really sad when buying virtual clothes is the standout feature. let the elitetism begin! oh you must have lots of money and no sense, i see you've paid for an oversized cue tip. or a remote control car and accompanying 30 second animation for half the price of a map pack, well done!
    really these things should be achievement related. finish assassins creed 2? your avatar mimicks a white cloaked Ezio, diving onto the screen into a cart of hay. Complete DJ Hero? Your avatar gets a little DJ setup. This has the power to cross promote or expose users to elements (albeit very simple elements) of an IP that they weren't aware of before, just by looking at their friends.

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