Tour Michael Jackson's Private Arcade Game Collection

You've seen the guide book, now see the exhibition itself, as you take a 360-degree tour through Michael Jackson's impressive personal collection of arcade cabinets, which were on display in Beverley Hills earlier this year.

If you're at work or on a slower computer, beware: the tour is heavy going on your web browser. But it's worth bookmarking and saving for a quieter moment, if only because you'll rarely, if ever, see something this great in real life.

[Pinsane: Miahcel Jackson @ Julien's]


    Looks like someone was playing Hang Time at the time of taking these heheh..

    Shame on all the people who mocked MJ's sexuality. You can finally see evidence that brings light to the subject. Cmon, if MJ was "a homosexual" or "touched little boys" why would he own a life size Lara Croft?

    Hell, most of the most masculine people I've ever met LOVE Boba Fett and he's got one too. Real men love Boba Fett.

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