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This is where Kotaku readers go to talk about the stuff we’re not already posting about. Think of it as the official unofficial Kotaku community forum.

You can talk about games. Or movies. Or politics. Music. Food. Science. Sport. Hangover remedies.

Just keep it clean.

Oh, and to the person who asked yesterday if the Ask Me Stuff posts were coming back: maybe, or you could just ask me stuff in here. What would you prefer?

Talk amongst yourselves below…


    Whatever happened to the question time for Sean Kennedy?

      Delayed a few days, that's all. Hang in there!

    David - Any word from EA on Rock Band 2?

      Been trying to get an answer on this all week. Waiting on MTV Games to get back to me...

        It probably isn't at all true, but my brother asked about Rock Band 2 in EB a short while ago, and the people there said something along the lines of: "We're not getting rock band 2 in, we're just going to get rock band 3 in at the same time as everywhere else" (by 3 I assume he(the EB guy or my brother) meant rock band beatles)
        I'm keen for both, just to get the rock band 2/rock band beatles drums as I want the cymbals and that doesn't work with the rock band 1 kit :(
        Might actually buy The Beatles Rock Band from Australia if it comes out at the same time as the US :)

    Ask Me Stuff posts are more coherent, more active, maybe because they have an initial direction? I dunno, personally I prefer them.

    But in case they don't make it back:
    Edge of Twilight - I hadn't even heard of it before yesterday. Brisbane developer, maybe an interview?

    wow, so few comments. I should leave it be so it remains pure...D'OH!

      Hello Jimu!! We are TAY NINJA'S! Lets wee in the fridge while we're here.

    ? I tried posting and nothing shows up! And my name doesn't stay saved in the box. Boxes are awesome, I made a robot when I was little out of a box. I forget his name, but he was cooler than KITT. I also sat in the orignal Knight Rider car, I was so excited, it was totally awesome cause the turbo button in kitt read as T O because the urb had worn off. I was like, sweet! THEN KITT SPOKE AND RUINED EVERYTHING, CAUSE HE WAS ALL LIKE "SORRY, I CAN'T CHAT WITH YOU TODAY, I'M WORKING ON SOME EXPERIMENTS". MULTITASK, YOUR A FRIGGEN COMPUTER CAR!!! >:-( So, yeah.. I like boxes.

    This thing died off quickly...

    Sydney Meat! You should all come!

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