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    Best Wimbledon final ever?

    Or best tennis match ever?

      Not much of a tennis fan, but from what i heard on the radio it sounded like it was pretty epic.
      I do admire the sheer persistence, endurance and tenacity of tennis players however...

      well except for hewit... i can't stand that guy lol

    Just wondering if anyone here has actually played Bloodbowl on PC yet?
    it became avaiable to download about a week ago, but it won't be available at retail on 360 or PSP until sometime in/after september (according to the EB i work at- of course actual date is still TBA).

    I'm super keen to play this game, but im still one of those pedantic people who likes to have a solid copy in hand.

    Basically though - who's played it, if so, is it any good!?!?

      The turn based game is actually a pretty faithful recreation of the TT game, and as such is actually a lot of fun. There's been a few bugs bitched about on the forums, but I've had a pretty bug free experience so far, and I've been playing it a lot.
      Real time mode isn't really my cup of tea; it dissolves into an unplayable melee as you don't have time to make proper plays, but most people seem to be into the turn based one anyways, as they're all Blood Bowl fans from the early days.
      The learning curve is pretty steep if you've never played the board game, and if you're an impatient gamer I doubt you'll enjoy getting trounced the first few matches. However, if you're a fan of the GW game, I absolutely recommend it. Being able to play Blood Bowl on demand is priceless.

        i still haven't played the TT version - but i'm super keen to being a long standing 40k player and a fan of games like mutant league football - so the spirit is most certainly willing.

        How's the multiplayer experience run? much different from single?

        thanks for the reply as well mate.

    Paper craft?
    Oh man, I spent all of year 12 doing origami. Not quite the same, I know, but it's not like making a reasonably sized model of some sort of animal out of paper during class is discrete.
    Because I obviously had nothing else to do during year 12. Oh, except for the HSC, but who cares about that, right?

    Can Kotaku look into why has been broken for over a week now? I emailed their support and they said it was fixed... it worked for a few hours then fell over again. I emailed them back and have since received no reply.

    I think it's funny, one of the major gaming sites is down for a week, and I don't see it mentioned anywhere - not in blogs, not in news sites, it's like I'm crazy or the only person that visits.

      oh, and while you're at it, you might want to ask Coke to get in touch with Pepsi, apparently the supply chain is a bit slow and it's tough to get a hold of Pepsi when you want it.


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