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    Melbourne loses to fullham 0 - 3...
    Man what a terrible game...

    One idiot ripped a flare next to us, and i was coughing up orange crap for the next hour on top of it..

    haha shocking night!

      I thought that was standard fare for a Melbourne game?

        Easy there goose. We don't loose that often.

        Also, when it comes to flares, the main supporters/members are trying to crack down on others using flares. after the punk let one off the supporters handed him over to the police - we're kinda over being branded as hooligans i guess.

        On the plus side, victory did play hard, they just couldn't connect their crosses and the shots on goals were all near misses. Anything that had a chance at going in Schwarzer was just too quick for. he was in damn good form.

        I guess after fullhams loss to gold coast, they didn't want to suffer the embarrassment of loosing to another a-league side so really kicked it up a notch

      I was surprised that Fulham lost their first match, but eh, the A-League just doesn't do it for me. It just fails in comparisson to other football leagues around the world.

        Yeh i actually preffer the VPL (victorian premier league) over the A-League.. it just seems more entertaining... then again i'm crazy like that :P

      QLD Roar lost to Celtic 0-3 as well.

      Only redeeming feature of the game? More streakers than goals scored.

        Well then your game already had more to offer than ours.

        I would have fallen asleep a couple of times if it wasn't for the fact that we were all standing

    Battlefield 1943 controls. Boy do they suck, why not use the BF bad company control system?
    Worst part, they can't be customized.
    The 360 and PS3 control pads have two triggers (L2 & R2). In every other driving game I've seen they are used as throttle. Not 1943 however. Another good example is the planes. Pitch and roll are on the same analogue stick (L). Now explain to me how I'm able to turn the plane without spinning constantly? Again the vehicle controls are backwards, what game by default stears with the right stick? There's more, much more. The alternate control schemes are also wrong. All the feels good buttons that would seam stock standard are assigned to secondary controls. 1942 let the player totally customize the layout. Why isn't this in 1943?
    Sorry but after playing the demo, for a good few hours and feeling like every motion was like writing with my wrong hand. I'm not spending $20 on the game.

      Flying the planes in BF1943 is good fun! You just need to add a little yaw with the left stick to go with that roll! Now don't get me started on Warhawk, why on earth would you map everything to a single stick! Kills the fun! ... Maybe I'm just bitter because I can't seem to get it to work...

        the on foot controls are exactly the same as Bad Company. the planes take a little practice but that makes it so much better.

        the one thing i love about Bad Company and 1943 as well is the sound. When a fighter plane strafes your position, you damn well know it even if you dont see it.

    What did you guys think of the Triple J Hottest 100 of All Time?

    Top Ten:

    1. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
    2. Killing in the Name - RATM
    3. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
    4. Love Will Tear US Apart - Joy Divison
    5. Paranoid Android - Radiohead
    6. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
    7. Last Goodbye - Jeff Buckley
    8. Under the Bridge - RHCP
    9. Everlong - Foo Fighters
    10. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin

    The biggest surprise for me in the above list is Everlong. Don't know about that one being a suitable choice.

      Yay for white guys with guitars huh?

      What a narrowminded list.

        Yeah I only caught bits and pieces of it, but Stalker I think you are right, narrowminded is the perfect word for it.

        What would've you like to have seen on there instead bro? Btw, that's not a loaded question. Just curious.

      Ugh. PEOPLE.

      I can't believe a cover got 3. Good song but no. 3 come on.

    From Sport:
    "England captain Andrew Strauss denied anyone in his dressing room had acted outside the spirit of the game, instead claiming a spilt drink was at the heart of the matter."

    OK, OK - You're probably all going to laugh at me for such a dumb question....

    How do updates on the 360 work?

    Does it install the update to your HDD (like the PS3 does) or download the update everytime you play?

      Installs once to the HDD. Are you having troubles with updates?

        I don't think I have a problem....

        Just noticed that I can put in a game today and an update occurs, I put it in again tomorrow and it updates again.

        (But not every time and it's not game specific) is still dead for 2 weeks and nothing on news or blogs about it ...

      Probably because it's actually working...?

      Works for me

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