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UPDATE: If anyone can take a screenshot from the HD Monkey Island remake of the exact same scene as above, I'd be most grateful.


    Where was talk among yourselves the otherday???? I was totally bummed out that my other usual time wasting website was down! GTAforums, was dead for 4 days! 4 days!! I had the shakes!!! It felt like rehab!!!! I dont even play GTA anymore, but the stupidity of the website got me hooked!

    Has anyone else had a certain website they visit on a daily basis go down?? It feels really strange, you sit staring at the computer not quite knowing what to do with yourself. Then you realise how much of your life you've been wasting....

      Yeah man, 4chan was down *sadface*

    Still no sign of a local release of Prinny: CIRBTH? on PSP.. EB still gives me blank looks when I ask about it and continually suggest that perhaps I mean Dissidia (and would I like to pre-order)?

      Hi Aaron,

      Prinny was released on the 25th of June. Jb hi-fi are ranging it so give them a call.


        You are awesome. Cheers for the heads up!

    Mmm mothership Zeta!

    Did Monkey Island get released all of a sudden without anyone noticing?

    How about Darkest of Days? Is that gonna be good?

      I've got Secret of Monkey Island:SE downloading in Steam at home, so it'll be ready to go when I get back there tonight. Huzzah!

        same, but i waited for the download to finish and was late for work :S

        ditto to this, AU~$12 ish seems about right for monkey island 1 rehashed. the estimated 2gb seemed large, but im sure it's only exaggeration.

        it's also cheaper than the AION preorder i put money down for at GAME, (before going in to see harry potter...)

    Aaron - you in Melbourne? Dungeon Crawl on Elizabeth street have it in stock.

    Still, I'm surprised if EB would even stock it. They don't tend to sell good games :\

      @avksy I'm in Brisbane... Might check Game Traders or GAME tonight. Agree with you though - EB seem to have no problems stocking 3-4 copies of shovelware titles, but you're lucky to see one copy of a reasonably decent release hit the shelves (Loco Roco 2, Patapon etc).

      ITT: Bitching about EB's game stocking policy ;)

    Between Battlefield: 1943 and Secret of Monkey Island, digital distribution is really bringing the win home for us lately.


    Here's a screengrab of that scene in the new Monkey Island SE. Made it this morning.

    I'm loving the game - now if they'll just do MI2, I'll be happy. Back to TMI for now though.

      LOL. That's so awesome.

    Is Monkey Island HD already out on XBLA? I might have to pick it up...

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