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Oh, and a big thanks to Matt H for snapping the above screen from the new Monkey Island HD remake. Cheers, Matt!


    Not gaming related at all, but why is it some people in offices have so much trouble with the difference between "reply" and "reply-all"? My work has an all-staff mailing list and it seems that we've got quite a few people working here who only want to use "reply-all".

    That whinge aside, how was everyone's weekends? Do much gaming?

    Played through the Monkey Island SE this weekend and really enjoyed it! i thought Guybrush's voice acting could be a little stagnant at times though...

    Seeing that image makes me wish that my Monkey Island remake would download faster. Actually, that raises a question. Aside from the new visuals, are there any major differences from the original game?

      Switching between the new art and the "old school" original art reveals it to be pretty much exactly the same game

      No. It's literally the original SOMI, but with updated graphics and full voice-over. The main difference is that it can run in reaaallly high resolutions and can flick from the HD graphics/voice-over to the original version at the touch of a button.

      On the topic of MI, here's a rather nice post on Ron Gilbert's blog with him reminiscing about Monkey Island (and no, he doesn't share the Secret): . Good read if you're a fan!

        Yay, my screenshot's there! That's awesome.

        The MI:SE is great - it's nice to see the game with such high quality graphics. The new music/voice acting is great as well.
        The only point I've found a bit jarring is that the game now looks so dynamic but closeups still lack animation - it just breaks the atmosphere a little. Absolutely worth $10 in any case.

        @ Aaron - nice article there too. Good read!

    Fun little fact

    I was reading through my old Nintendo magazines and I found some mildly blasphemous advertising on Nintendo’s part

    From about issue 46 and onwards (early 1997), Nintendo started using blurbs from none other than god to promote the Nintendo 64

    The back of the cover reads

    “it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen”
    ~ God

    In nice size 200 font

    It then has a paragraph about how it’s the greatest thing he created since the earth and now its twice as powerful as any other system.

    The funny thing is in the months leading up to the launch of the N64 in Australia the magazine really does use god as a reference as to why you should buy the system. With quotes like “if god loves it then you will too”

    if only advertising was as easy today…..

    I’ll try to get a photo of the ad

    Worms finally made it to PSN. That took up most of my weekend. Along with my second run of PvZ.

      I've been waiting for ages for it come out down here.
      Cheers for the news.

    So, the 360 mic. I cannot figure this thing out. None of the games I've played have a push to talk button, so I guess it's supposed to react to noise. But the problem is, I can't figure out which position of the switch is supposed to be the on one. Regardless of whether the switch is showing red or green, the game still displays my mic. Switching usually does nothing, but sometimes it causes the mic to disappear from the game's display, only to reappear a few seconds later. Halo 3, at least, gives the talking indicator on the HUD regardless of what the switch is set to.

    So how the hell do I use this thing properly?

    Soooo was anyone else going for Poh?

      Not really. I'm just glad it's over.

      Julie's dessert was rubbished compared to Pohs but suddenly it's the best thing since sliced bread? Funny that they helped her by telling her what as wrong and how to fix it throughout the cooking process! Poh was robbed...

      no offence to Julie, but the poor woman is going to have a heart attack if she actually becomes a chef! The woman can't handle pressure. Did you guys see her hands shaking when she was plating up the last dish?

      I do think poh is a superior cook ad handles the pressure much much better...

    I want to know what everyone's favorite web comics are..
    Mine in no particular order:

    Penny arcade
    Ctrl Alt del
    Dr Mcninja
    VG Cats
    questioanble content
    Basic Instructions
    My Stupid Life

    All of these are absolute side splitters...

    Further more, do people bother reading serious web comics? i know i have never been able to handle it.. About as serious as i go is my Marvel Zombies Collection at home...

      My daily webcomic reading (or whenever they update that is) involves the following:

      -Sluggy Freelance ( )
      -Penny Arcade
      -Darths & Droids ( What if the Star Wars prequels were played out like a pen & paper Dungeons and Dragons game. )
      -VGCats (Although the quality of humour in the comics has been slipping a bit of late, his Pokémon comics are generally amusing)
      -XKCD ( )
      -Looking for Group ( comic loosely based on WoW. Read it more because it's an on-going storyline that I'm kind of interested in.. )

      Can't figure out what the appeal of CAD is though. I've found it tries too hard to be funny and generally ends up forcing or telegraphing it's jokes well before the end of the strip. Then they rolled out the whole "let's be serious" threadline with miscarriages & stuff and suddenly the comic was very unfunny and totally off putting. nothankyou.jpg

      A Lesson is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible
      Dresden Codak
      Cat and Girl
      Daisy Owl
      White Ninja
      Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
      Platinum Grit

      CAD is shit.

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