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    Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition.
    I want the Night Vision Goggles, but not the game/art book etc. Was thinking I could preorder it, sell the pack on eBay after taking the goggles + stand out. Worried that the goggles are going to be crappy toy ones and not going to work properly. Given $200 price tag, that's likely to be the case. Opinions?

      I'm still curious if the NVG are actual working ones or if they just have a small camera in the front of them hooked up to two green-tinted LCD screens inside the goggle. Sure the EB page claims "see up to 50 feet in absolute dark", but given most of the sites selling NVG list them for $400-500+ it makes you wonder...

      If it's just the night vision goggles only and not the game or anything, perhaps you can find someone who's already willing to buy the hardened edition ($150), then make a deal to chip in another $50 with them to get the prestige edition and you get the goggles. Hell there's probably someone on here (or in the other thread) that'll be willing/trustworthy enough to do that.

      But for $50, they might really be two green-tinted LCD screens. Actually it might just be a piece of green cellophane a la 3D glasses. In fact, I could sell you a pair of my own limited edition NVG's for $49.95; guaranteed to see in the dark.*

      *ability to see in the dark may or may not depend on your current abiility to see in the dark

        Uh, I should perhaps clarify things a bit in case my joke wasn't completely evident/was crap.

        I am NOT buying Modern Warfare 2 and therefore CANNOT sell their night vision goggles to anyone. My original post was to make it a suggestion to ask _someone else_ to sell their NVG for $50. I proceeded to attempt to make a joke that I would sell my own special branded NVGs (i.e. non-existant ones) for $0.05 cheaper than the MW2 one.

        Perhaps I shouldn't have said "limited edition" or set a similar price point, or at least said "my own ultra-unique, ultra-awesome, guaranteed to work*, designed and produced by me, NVG's". Point noted for my next attempt at satire.

      I can't remember where I saw it mentioned, but it has been suggested they could be similiar to these.

        woah! that's awesome!

        David, can we get confirmation if they're IR ones like the goggles in the link?

    I think it may be a better idea just to buy the goggles on ebay when the game is out

      This is true, they won't be very good and you can bet that the cost will be low.

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