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    Anyone else massively wanting BlazBlue?

      I don't know about massively wanting, but it does look pretty good. At least for a few hours of fun. The art alone warrants half an hour of my time, it looks sweet.

        Haha I might just be easy to market to...
        But yeah it looks really looks like they put a lot into polishing it

    Oh and does anyone know if the bonus BluRay stuff that comes in the Limited Edition set is region-free?
    Thinking of importing it...

      I remember someone on GAF saying the bonus blu-ray worked in his PAL console so it should work.

      But as I am still waiting for my copy to arrive from the US I'm not 100% sure.

      Hopefully the mail gods will smile on me today and deliver it :)

        I sure hope it does work on PAL...

    Ok.. i must be one of the most impatient people in the world.. i know the comp was only drawn last week but i have chewed my fingers into nubs waiting for my new psp.. GAH! c'mon you good thing!!!

    Also, i may have to make a printing press to create my own money.. i'm pretty much over working for it. lol

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