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    Hrm...what to say, what to say.


    Does anyone else think that soon there will be an over saturation of comic style/based games in the near future?

    Not saying it's a bad thing (yet), but there are a few big ones coming up and the industry likes to copy what works.

      Is there? The only one I can think of/care about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and I thought the first one was a hoot, so I'm looking forward to it. Just hope they've modernised it, the PS2 origins of the first one were pretty obvious...

      Oh, I guess there's Iron Man 2.. never picked up the first one, the demo was a bit of fun but felt a bit shallow. I think it's in the bargain bin now so might pick it up.

        There's also Champions online and CoX, Marvel online, DC comics online.

        I'm looking forward to Ultimate Alliance 2 as well

        It's not just the Marvel franchise GaaaaaH is probably referring to, but rather games that share themes common these famed US comics. For reference, InFamous strikes me as a "comic style" game for it's themes, but that's possibly stretching it more than intended.

        I think we've already been saturated a little in comic style/based movies and game tie-ins. There aren't many completely original "comic" games that aren't tied into a movie-revived series. I think it's plateaued actually and will probably either stay at this rate or fall.

    I was playing Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood recently and thought "I've heard Ray's voice before somewhere". Then it clicked, it sounded exactly like Bill from left4Dead!

    Turns out it wasn't though.

    Just thought you should know.

      I will probably miss Bill when playing the sequel - not Francis though, that pompous twit doesn't deserve survival. His face is for the shooting.

      Are you enjoying the game? It's on my 'Games to Consider' list.

    i am dying to play castlevania sotn. since the au psn store is so great and my friends never forget to return borrowed items i am unable to quench my sotn thirst. can anyone reccomend a game for the ps3 that will satisfy my cravings for a metroidvania style game. due to my desperation i am willing to try new (and hopefully exciting and fufilling) games. so please dont be shy in making suggestions!!

      You could go pick up a copy of Dracula X Chronicles for the PSP? It's got an unlockable copy of SOTN included with it. If you don't have a PSP though, this might not help you much...

      Failing that, there's always the option of signing up for a US PSN account and doing it that way?

    Anyone know anywhere in Australia that imports and sells NCAA Football? always wanted to try it instead of madden

      Could try Specifically

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