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    How come people are being so hard on Michael Jackson's death? I was practically raised by his music and nothing else. Yet people seem to think that he deserved it, we should forget about it, because he was a weirdo. Sure, he was, but it doesn't change the fact he made great music and changed the lives of millions.

      Michael Jackson was the first black artist on MTV. He's the reason they stopped playing Rock only.

      He's done a lot for us. I'm not a huge fan but I know that being forcibly dragged to his 96 world history tour concert in brisbane will be the biggest show I'll ever see in my life.

      People are people, other people's deaths are funny. If there's even a small amount of mud on the person, it becomes funnier.

      From what I've seen, that not the case. A lot more people seem to care about his death then not.

      Though, I don't really care, as people die everyday.

      just because you like somebody's music does not excuse them from being a d1ck. it is just music. people should be judged for their actions, not their achievements in music sales.

    @Anthony I blame 4chan. Desensitising the world's Internet since 20xx.

    We've had an awful lot of these talk-amongst-yourselves things recently... you Kotaku guys n gals running short on news at the moment? ;)

      You guys have been asking for a forum and this is our best option (for now).

      Besides, it's not like this post is replacing a news post. It supplements it.

    I'm quite hungry right now... missed out on brekkie this morn :(

      On a more relevant note...
      Does anyone know what the future holds for online game play for Australians? Especially concerning the NBN. Do you think game companies will start putting more servers in Australia to reduce lag? How much will the new fibre cable to America affect the lag we already experience, also, the lighting of the fibre to Tasmania?

    With the new kotaku comp involving picture manipulation is there any free software anyone can recommend. Mouse paint just don't cut it and I don't feel like paying for or stealing photoshop.


      Yeah man. Check out

    Just finished reading JPOD by Douglas Coupland and really recommend it, fun read. has game devs running around getting into all sorts of hullabaloo and some really good web 2.0 gags

    David, is Ask-Me-Stuff coming back anytime soon?

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