Tecmo Koei Excited, Concerned About New Motion Controllers

E3 2009 was both exciting and worrisome for the suits at Tecmo Koei. New motion sensing control schemes from Microsoft and Sony have potential, but may not be the ideal fit for established series like Ninja Gaiden and Dynasty Warriors.

Kenji Matsubara, CEO of Tecmo Koei—and former president and COO on the Koei side—tells CVG that his company has "concerns" about the move to motion controllers, as "we specialize in making action games, so we have to explore whether we can achieve real-time response from a controller-free system."

"We understand that, for casual gamers playing dance games or some sort of fishing game, this controller-free system can be popular," Matsubara says. "But for hardcore gamers who like action games, we have to research and develop games that satisfy our core gamers."

We'd think anyone who played Koei's Samurai Warriors: Katana would have a list of concerns about the company trying more waggle filled games too. But if we get Dead or Alive Xtreme Fishing, who can possibly refute that these new control methods have merit?

More from Matsubara, including his thoughts on the Japanese game market, the PSPgo and Tecmo Koei's focus on the Western market at the original interview.

Tecmo Koei Interview [CVG]


    "we specialize in not actually changing our games, so we have to explore whether we can achieve innovation from a development team used to just slapping a new number on the end of a game title and leaving it at that.”

    Fixed for them.

    Dynasty Warriors on motion controller...
    I mean you have to do is press Square (ps3) until other guys die, there is no other possible thing to do!
    So that means you'll swing your arm like hell

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