Tecmo Koei: Xbox 360 Is Doing "Well" In Japan

Remember when the Xbox 360 launched in Japan? Boy, that was embarrassing! Microsoft has turned things around of late and found a small degree of success in the region.

"Xbox 360 as a business is doing better than the old Xbox," Tecmo Koei boss Kenji Matsubara tells game site Kikizo. "They have a good opportunity for growth, but of course Sony is a Japanese company and Microsoft is known as a business software company, so brand image is one point."

Matsubara adds that "Microsoft is doing well" — especially in regards to how difficult the game market is these days.

"I think they have good growth potential for the future depending on the titles," he says. "We have a close relationship with Microsoft so I hope we can be a part of that."

Interview: Tecmo Koei CEO, Kenji Matsubara [Kikizo]


    If xbox360 is doing "well" in Japan then PlayStation 3 is practically a best seller in North America.

    If MS and TK have such close ties, why do the exclusives get upgraded and ported over?

    I miss Itagaki, he made following Tecmo interviews interesting. Especially since they were about him feeling up female co-workers.

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