Tekken, TapouT Team Up For T-Shirts

TapouT, it's not just for rear-window decals or bouncer neck tattoos anymore. The MMA apparel brand is releasing a line of Tekken 6 themed shirts, which will also be available as in-game customisations.

The arrangement, announced at Comic-Con 2009 on Thursday, will produce five co-branded shirts IRL and in the game. The shirts will be released in September, wherever you can buy TapouT stuff, or online at its website.

Said the TapouT president Marc Kreiner: "As we look to enhance brand visibility in new ways, the idea to fuse TapouT and 'Tekken 6' was the perfect approach to introduce new apparel to our core fan base," TapouT

It's the first co-branding agreement between Namco Bandai and a major apparel company, or so we are told.

TapouT Partners with Video Game "Tekken 6" for Apparel Line [MMA Junkie on Yahoo! Sports, thanks Jake R.]


    Wear what you like. It makes you an individual. And it's not about brand names. Or designs. it's always about personal preference. But it doesn't give you the right to judge others because you think that what you are wearing makes you top dog and design guru (@Soldier_CLE ). I could care less about who makes it, profits from it and if designs are popular. And if anyone tries to tell me what to wear I will make sure they wont be able to next time.

    Viva La Revulution :)

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