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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like what popped your gaming cherry.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know fucktons about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

What was the very first video game you played?

Me? I have some frustratingly vague recollection of a home console game in around 1978/9 that had two guys (cowboys?) in a one-on-one shootout. You could move up or down the screen and fire your gun. There was an obstacle in the centre (a cactus?). I can't even recall which console it was for. Anyone?


    Mario Bros./Duck Hunt

    I believe it was my 5th christmas. I got a Nintendo Entertainment System. I can't remember unwrapping it but i can remember playing it for the first time because the power went out! The 2 games I got with my NES were Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong. What a way to start my gaming journey. I remember I used to play mario before school and then pause it and turn the TV off and then come home and try and finish it (it's rather challenging when your 5 I didn't want to start again :D). Although I loved DK theres wasnt much depth there too keep me coming back. Soon after that I got Castlevania. MY GOD! what an awesome game, I still find myself humming the opening level's theme. Good memories indeed.

    Atari 2600 - Frogger

    My first game I remember actually playing would of been Alex Kidd built into my Master System.

      Same here. Great game.

    Pretty sure it was ShadowGate on Amiga500. Shortly followed by DejaVu. How the hell I can still remember this stuff but forget things like appointments and people's names?

    Handheld? The old Game and Watch systems from Nintendo :P

    Console: What Else, Super Mario Bro's/Duck Hunt Combo on NES

    PC: Star Wars, no other title but that. The old Monochrome wireframe one where you flew around shooting at Tie Fighters, was on my friends 286 :P

    Would have to be Barstorming (or maybe Mario Bros, it's a bit hazy) on the Atari 2600. I just loved ramming those geese...

    I cant remember, It was a 4x4 game on the NES?
    Give me a break I was 4

    The one that sticks in my head as the game that made me a gamer was Ghostbusters on my Grandfather's Commodore 64. However there were other games on that C64 I remember such as Ghosts and Goblins, River Raid, Zaxxon and others that I can picture but can't remember the names of. Or my first game could have been Choplifter on my Dad's Vic-20 or Karateka on his Apple II. I started gaming when 4 or 5 so it's really hard to remember!

    Well, I have early memories of playing Duckhunt and Powerdrive (a rally game) on the SNES at my cousins house. As well as DK and Mario.

    My first console (if it counts) was a gameboy, around '95. I didn't get my first home console until '97 for christmas. It was the playstation and I got it back with V-Rally (rally games again!). Used to love playing V-Rally with my dad. GTA 1, Syphon Filter, Destruction Derby 2 (some one make a good current gen DD game!) and Driver were also some of my most played games.

    Watching my cousin play Mario Bros on his brand new NES

    Great parental skills from my father allowed my cherry to be popped on Golden Axe arcade machine at the Marulan pub. ( I also have to mention the awesome "Kiss" pinball machine)

    The earliest games I remember playing clearly were Captain Comic and Joust on an IBM or Amstrad PC in the late 80's.
    LOOM is the first game that I can recall finishing completely (I played mostly shareware/freeware as a kid), closely followed by The Secret of Monkey Island).
    I also loved the hell out of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego too, with all the great little animations when you were getting close (not to mention the fantastic little almanac the game came with).

    I guess my first game would have been asteroids on a 386 - that, or some game with a name which was something like spacehawk 52 - essentially space invaders but the enemies were different each stage and they moved back to the top of the screen after getting too low

    First game I remember was on our cassette deck based Atari 800XL computer. The game in question was the first ever Lucasfilm (not LucasArts!) title, Rescue On Fractalus. Awesome game! They used a fractal equation to create a 3D environment for a flight sim! Great times...

    Something on the Atari 2600, though I can't remember what. Actually, I think the first would have been on one of those handheld LCD things. I vaguely remember something about trying to drive a car up the screen through three lanes of traffic, and having to get the timing right because the traffice moved towards you one full line at a time.

    The first thing I remember would probably be Elite, or Revs on the BBC Micro (or Acorn Master, as we actually had).

    I don't recall the very first game I played but all my friends had Commodore 64's and I asked my parents for one.

    Disappointed I was then that at the age of 9 I was given (or the family was) a used IBM XT.

    The first game on it that I played though was Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizard. I repeat, 9 years old.

    I often wonder what twisted psychological effects that has had on my mental development.

    The upside is it started my love affair with adventure games.

    Wizard of Wor on Commodore 64... great game.

    I believe it was this. I have no idea how we got it; I suppose my parents bought it for my older brother.

    We've still got it in the cupboard. I wonder if it still works...

    pitfall on the Atari was the first game i ever played, the first game i ever really got into however was wonderboy 3 on the sega master system

    Donkey Kong and Oil Panic on multi screen Game & Watch, otherwise Avenger on C64

    Wonderboy on the Master System II in the early 90's

    Well when I was a kid, I had really bad hand-eye coordination. So bad that I struggled with some pretty menial tasks that most take for granted. My parents had me seeing a specialist, but I was progressing too slowly, especially coming up to my first year of primary schooling.

    At one point, a friend of my parents suggested that they purchase me a games console. They'd read some study saying that video games could improve your hand-eye coordination. So my parents decided to give it a go, and took me out to purchase a Sega MegaDrive.

    They happened to get a deal where it came with 3 games: Sonic 1, Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, and Columns. So I decided to have a go at Sonic first. And oh my god, I loved the crap out of it! I was so horrible at it at first, but I enjoyed it so much that I'd play it almost every day, and my hand-eye coordination improved exponentially from it.

    So now I have extremely good hand-eye coordination and a huge love for the games industry in general, all from my parents buying me a games console. It was that first game that made me decide (at the age of 5!) that I wanted to make games for a living - I'm currently working towards getting a job in the industry as a games programmer. And all because of one little game. ^^

      Neil that made me smile.

    Can't remember if it was Pong or one of those electro-mechanical games.

    The secret snail maze game built into the original Sega Master System, the one that looked like a Star Trek control panel of sorts.

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