The Bachelor, The Bachelorette Find Video Game Love

Good news, lonely gamers. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has signed on with Ludia to pump out games based on ABC's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, letting you experience the thrill of combing through scores of suitors from your couch.

Expect games based on both dating games to ship "across multiple platforms" following the conclusion of The Bachelor's 2010 season. Since Ludia is pegged as the developer—the creator of fine products based on The Price Is Right, Hell's Kitchen, American Idol and more—don't be surprised if the platforms handed a rose are the Wii, Nintendo DS, PC and iPhone. Ludia loves long walks on the beach and casual-leaning hardware.

Looks like we may be slowly catching up to Japan when it comes to dating sims, just with a little more fake tanner and less time spent in the classroom.


    Ugh. Please, just no. We have enough shovelware as it is.

    Sounds like Project Natal finally has a use. Noit a particularly good one, but a use all the same.

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