The Band Hero DS Drum Peripheral Revealed

This fall, Band Hero DS will allow four DS systems to link up for guitar-bass-vocals-drum gameplay. And for optimal drumming, the game comes bundled with a "drum grip" revealed here.

The Band Hero DS drum grip is a piece of rubberised silicon that slips over a DS Lite. And is designed to better enable the feel of rapidly playing the drums than, say, tapping on drum icons on the DS' touch screen.

The peripheral will come bundled with each copy of Band Hero DS, which will also include a single DS Lite-compatible guitar grip.

The drum grip, like the rest of Band Hero DS, is not compatible with the DSi. In the case of the drum grip, it simply doesn't fit the system. I touched it briefly when it was wrapped around a DS Lite at an event in New York City last week. It felt snug and the pads felt comfortable to tap.

Kotaku will have more about Band Hero DS and developer Vicarious Visions' thinking behind the new peripheral and the game later today.


    This would be perfect for Taiko no Tatsujin!!

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