The Beatles: Rock Band Bundle Is AU$349

It's been an interesting day for premium priced special editions. First Modern Warfare 2 hit 200 bucks, now The Beatles: Rock Band goes well over 300.

That's right, the full bundle for The Beatles: Rock Band will cost AU$349, according to today's listing on retailer JB Hi-Fi's website. The price is the same for the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 versions.

The standalone game disc is priced at $79 on PS3 and Xbox 360 and at $69 on Wii. Again, this is the JB Hi-Fi price. Both the disc and bundle will launch on September 9.

The Beatles: Rock Band bundle was first revealed back in April. Since then, we’ve seen Ringo's drum kit, Paul’s Höfner bass, John’s Rickenbacker 325 guitar George’s Gretsch Duo Jet guitar.

Be warned though, the bundle only comes with the drum kit, bass and mics. The two extra Beatles themed guitars are sold separately, although no local price has yet been revealed. To complete the set, you may well be looking at forking out close to $600 for just one game.

How's your wallet holding up?


    I'm not surprised at the price considering it's from Harmonix.

    I worry I may be harping on too much but I will buy this game the day they make the PS3 Guitar Hero WT drums compatible for RB1 (or release RB2 in this territory and put the code up on AU PSN for the transfer).

    yet another accessories.. geezz

    Get a real guitar and thank me later.


        Or you could just keep spending your time and money on something that you'll get sick of eventually... until the next iteration comes out that is...whatever floats your boat.

        Oh and you're welome :D

        I think as a game its ok, but the price is excessive. People are investing way too much time into this game which is a crappy simulation of the real deal... Your better off playing areal guitar instead of becoming pro at rockband.

        That said it IS a good game to play every once in a while, but the price of this game makes it feel like it woul dbe a real hobby. Play a real guitar


    Holy smokes! I think I'll stick with my GH bundle and just buy this game on its own.

    'Holy Smokes'?
    Understatement much?

    With that money can almost get a PS3....and people are still complaining about that ...

    Umm don't care about The Beatles Rockband just release Rockband 2 and I might be interested.

    I agree with the previous poster - for that much cash you could buy an ok begginers guitar/amp combo and a bunch of beatles discs to learn off. Far more likely to impress than a high score with a plastic waggle plank.

      and I agree with the previous poster that called the previous poster you are agreeing with a knob. It may come as a shock that most of us don't buy rhythm games (or real instruments) to "impress" - we buy them because they are fun to play. RB is awesome. GH is awesome. I won't be buying the RB:Beatles set, but thats because I own RB already. I will be buying the game though.

    Well I'll be different and say that I'm quite happy to pay that for a decent bass and a replacement set of drums that aren't made of flimsy plastic. I'm always terrified when I pull out my RB1 drum set that either I or someone else are going to smash it to bits. Since EA are assholes and won't release RB2 locally, this is the only way to get a non-breaky Drumkit for Rock Band without having to import a set.

    Does anyone know if the bass included has a split strum bar like that other bass that was floating around a while back? It's hard to tell in the photos. That would make it a guaranteed purchase for me...

    Holy crap...$350 and it doesn't even include a guitar? I wasn't going to buy this anyway but damn, that's a kick in the teeth for those that were planning on it.

    Just release RB2 here Harmonix.

      As mentioned in the post, it does include a guitar, one modelled on one of Paul McCartney's bass guitars.

      As far as I'm aware, Harmonix haven't released Rock Band 2 anywhere. They're the developer. I know this is going to sound crazy, but you should probably direct your angst toward the distributor.

      ..or import. Gametraders will order RB2 for you if you don't want to do it yourself.

        I've considered that, but why should we give our money to a company that obviously doesn't want it? Let's face it, they could have at least released the game here, even if they didn't want to give us the instruments, and yet they refuse to do that.

        I think EA would LOVE to release RB2 here; however from what I've heard it's a problem with MTV. Perhaps Wildgoose can put on his detective hat, make a few phone calls and figure this out? Please?

    That's pricey but at least it's getting released here.

    Can we get Rock Band 2 now please?

    I think this is all wrong, why not just make this DLC?

      Perhaps it's something to do with the three-part harmonies in the game. No other RB title does this.

    I'll be looking to grab just whatever generic peripherals will work with it, why would i want a special edition plastic guitar?

    Oo $349 jb price. imagine how much it will cost from EB/GAME!!

    i have RB1 (aus version) here in sydney, if i import RB2 (uk version) from uk, can i still export the RB1 songs to RB2?

      Yes you can

    Why buy these overpriced games/peripherals?? I purchased Guitar Hero II & III so i could have two guitars. Then Rock Band came out so i imported a shitty plastic drumkit which broke last week. Downloaded RB 1,2 GHWT, metallica,aerosmith. I am still using the GHII guitar. I am now buying a roland TD-4 drumkit to learn real drums and it also works with all the games (with some modifications). No more plastic toys for me!!!!

    I don't care how much it is :) I love the Beatles and this looks awesome!

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